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Помогите ответить на 8 вопросов по тексту!!!
Life after school
You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.
When Alan Jeffries left school, he wasn't sure what to do. His parents wanted him to go
to university to get a degree in Law. They said that he would have great career
opportunities when he graduated. So he took their advice and enrolled at Reading
University. Alan had always been a good student. He had never played truant and had
always passed all his exams easily. However, he wasn't ready for university. He enjoyed
the freedom too much. He skipped a lot of classes and when he failed to sit his end-
of-term exams, he was expelled. He said he didn't mind because he was going to drop
out of university anyway. He had decided to take a year out in order to get some
experience in the real world.

When he saw all the jobs on offer at the job centre, he was impressed. But it wasn't as
easy as he had thought it was going to be to get a job and
he began to wonder if he
had made a mistake.

He applied for lots of jobs, both permanent and temporary - car mechanic, shop
assistant, cook, hairdresser, security guard ... But he was too young and inexperienced
for some and overqualified for others. So he made some money doing odd jobs for
family friends - painting a garage, babysitting, washing cars and so on.

he got a part-time job in a tea room. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. On his
first day, he put salt in the sugar pot. On his second day, he put tabasco sauce in
some sandwiches and almost killed an old lady. And on the third day, he dropped a
tray and broke over two dozen cups and saucers. The manager
of the tea room
asked him to leave.

Alan was a bit depressed about being out of work, but then, at last, he got a full-time
job! It was in an egg factory. He was in charge of the machine that put the packs of
eggs into large boxes ready to go to supermarkets around the country. The wages
were low and he had to work long hours, but from the beginning Alan's boss was
impressed by his attitude. He clocked in on time, he was always happy to work
overtime and he never took any time off.

Before long, he had been promoted to a better job. Now he was responsible for
driving a fork-lift truck and loading the boxes of eggs onto the supermarket
lorries. He quickly became the fastest fork-lift driver in the factory. He was happy
and proud to be earning his living.

However, they say that pride comes before a fall. And so it was with Alan. One day, he
decided to make his job more interesting by seeing how fast he could do it. He set his
stopwatch and drove as fast as he could towards the boxes full of eggs. His foot was
hard down on the accelerator, and the fork-lift was going at top speed, but Alan was
sure he was in control. However, he was wrong. He waited one second too long. He hit
the brakes but it was too late. The fork-lift crashed into a huge pile of boxes. There was
a terrible crunching noise and then silence.

When Alan's
went to see what had happened, they found Alan standing
in the middle of the world's biggest omelette. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt, but he had
broken more than twelve thousand eggs.

Alan resigned before he was sacked. He started doing odd jobs for family friends
again. And that autumn he was back at university studying Law. Maybe you're
wondering what Alan does now. Well, believe it or not, he's a health and safety
inspector in a large armaments factory. And he never eats eggs.
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He's inspector in a large armaments factory.
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