Переведите текст на английский Будущая кинобогиня, как ее уже окрестили мировые киноиздания,

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Переведите текст на английский Будущая кинобогиня, как ее уже окрестили мировые киноиздания,

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Future kinoboginya as it has been dubbed the worlds kinoizdaniya, Margot Robbie was born July 3, 1990 in Australia and spent his childhood on the farm and grandparents. In 10 years, little Margot was far from beautiful, wore glasses and braces on the teeth, but knew how to drive a tractor and milking cows, which was considered more useful in its environment. Secretly, the girl dreamed of a movie. At age 17 she moved to Melbourne, where your hard earned money goes to acting class. In Melbourne, she has a hard time: she is studying, running endless tests and auditions, earns his living by selling sandwiches in the "Subway". Ironically, when he was already a recognizable actress in Australia, it was Margo became the face of the advertising company network "Subway" .First great success in his career for Robbie was the role in the TV series "Neighbours". This series is already legendary in Australia since 1985, and he became the first stepping stone to success for many, now Hollywood stars Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue. Margot held on the show as a bisexual Donna Friedman 3 years. For this role, the actress received 2 nominations prestigious Australian "Loggi" awards (the equivalent of an American prize "Emmy"). The success at home has not gone to his head to Australian practical, she had to move on. In 2011, she moved to Los Angeles to conquer Hollywood. Soon she gets a role in the series "Pan Am." Participation in this show brings her to the attention of major studios. Margot invite to a great movie. In 2013, she starred in the films "About Time" and "The Wolf of Wall Street", where she embodies his childhood dream of love with Leonardo DiCaprio. Working with Martin Scorsese was the turning point in the career of the actress. About Margot spoke, her photographs began to appear on the covers of glossy magazines, but her schedule became painted literally by the minute.
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