Помогите с сочинением по англисскому языку на тему "День компьтерных игр" Вот

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Помогите с сочинением по англисскому языку на тему "День компьтерных игр" Вот примерный текст

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Computers have become a major part of our everyday life. People simply can’t live without them. They work and study with the help of computers, find information, and, of course, play different games. Speaking about computer games, I should say that they are gaining more and more popularity both among kids and adults. There are two points of view on this question. Some people claim that such games are harmful and pointless. They destroy our life balance. First of all, computer games are unhealthy for the eye sight. If we look at the monitor for a long time, it gets worse. Secondly, sitting glued to the same place can make us fatter. Another argument against computer games is that they contain lots of violent scenes. Thus, playing them can make our behavior more aggressive. And, finally, computer games steal our time. We start rarely seeing our friends and relatives. To keep the balance it is better to have some active hobbies too, such as going in for sports or playing in a music band. There are some people who support computer games. They say that this activity has many benefits. For example, it can develop a good memory because while we play, we try to remember different details. Other than that, it develops logical thinking and even language skills. Spending lots of time online can lead to virtual friendship with other players. And, of course, for many people it is one of the best ways of entertainment. At the end, I’d like to say that so many men so many minds. As for me, I sometimes enjoy playing my favourite games, but I try to spend less time in front of the computer.
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