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Мониторинг 6 класс Вариант 1 1.His father …a doctor. a) am b)are c)is 2… your parents at home? a) is b)are c)am 3.There …a book on the table. a) is b) are c) no 4. …there any chairs in the room? a) is b) are c) no 5.I `ve got… oranges, but I haven`t got …apples a) any; some b) some; any c) no; any 6.Are there …pupils in the classroom? a) any b) some c) no 7.my sister/room a) my sisters room b) my sisters` room c) my sister`s room 8.girls/ school a) girl`s school b) girls` school c) girlses school 9.I cleaned …shoes. a) his b)my c)her 10.Do you like …job? a) your b) their c) our 11. Angela …speak English. a) can b) may c) must 12…I go out? a) can b) may c) must 13.They …a big flat. a) have got b) has got c) is 14.I… many friends. a) haven`t got b) hasn`t …got c) isn`t…got 15.1)games 2)soup a) many b) much 16.1)snow 2)dogs a) many b) much 17. 1) a potato 2) a tooth a) potatoes b) potatos a) tooths b) toothes c) teeth 18. 1) a boy 2) a man a) boys b) boyes c) boies a) mans b)men c) mens 19.There are 30 pupils in our class. a) thirteen b)thirty c) forty 20.My birthday is on the 6 of November, a) sixth b)six c) sixteenth 21. English is (easy) than Chinese. a) easyer b) more easy c)easier 22.The weather is (good) today than it was yesterday. a) gooder b) better c) more good 23. She is … doctor. a) an b) the c) a 24. …Moscow is …capital of …Russia a)the; the;the b)-;the;- c)a; -;the 25. My friend usually (go) to bed at 11 p.m.. a) will go b)goes c) is going 26.I (take) my dog for a walk every day a)take b) takes c) are taking 27. They (watch) TV now. a)wil watch b)watches c)are watching 28.He (play) chess at the moment. a)are playing b)is playing c)plays 29. I (phone) you tomorrow. a)phones b) will phone c) phone 30.We (go) to the cinema next Sunday. a)goes b) go c)will go

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